Reimagine Love

Could you imagine if everyone loved themselves like mother's and father's love their children? If you offered yourself the same kind of love and support you would for anyone else in your life, how much would your impression of yourself change IF you saw yourself through the eyes of the mother or father? Parent's, for... Continue Reading →

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Can You Even Have Will or Desire?

The Ups and Downs... Such as life, right? We are up and then we are down. I often think about the wisdom from all who came before us when it comes to the topic of non-desire and wonder how that is even possible. Did I miss something? Isn't WILL the same thing as DESIRE? Fundamentally,... Continue Reading →

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New Moon In Aries

Tomorrow is the New Moon in Aries which brings a lot of hot energy into the mix called life. If there ever was a time to put things behind you and move forward, this would be the time to do it. If you're like me, the last few months have been unusually grueling. You might... Continue Reading →

Learning Curves

At the moment I am feeling like I put in a lot of effort to make such small adjustments forward. Making yoga videos isn't as easy as I thought it would be. While doing my best to give the videos some sentiment of professionalism, I think I am just making it worse. I think I... Continue Reading →

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